Former WCW superstar Disco Inferno was recently a guest on The Matt Riviera Show, where he discussed a number of topics. Among them were heat he had with Cody Rhodes, the number of wrestlers receiving injuries, professional wrestling losing its way and more.

Below are some highlights from the interview:

On Disco’s heat with Cody Rhodes after commenting on a picture Cody posted of a graphic head wound he had suffered in a match with Kenny Omega:

“I think he completely misinterpreted what I was saying, because I wasn’t burying him….I’ve worked, I’ve been on a writing team, and I’ve been an agent, okay. So, if I’m critical of somebody, like wrestlers, like I do sometimes on the podcast…  It’s not anything, like if I was there agent, I wouldn’t be saying right to their face.. of course the fans are going to say, ”Oh, you’re just hating him”. No, I’m not hating, this is what I did for a living… That’s the perspective that I’m critical on commentary with professional wrestling these days.

Ep. 24: Disco Inferno - The Matt Riviera Show

On the large number of wrestlers receiving serious injuries:

“The one thing I see in the business that kind of bothers me is that, as wrestling’s gotten, like the quote unquote “evolution of wrestling” is that, you know, back in the day… when I got hurt, I hurt my back. When guy’s got hurt, they hurt their knee, they hurt their shoulder… We’re at a stage in the business where, back in the day, if guys were watching, like the way the guys work today… We would tell the guys, “What the hell are you doing? You guys are killing each other out there.” I’ve never seen a time in the business where guys are hurting each other. Not like hurting their shoulders or hurting their knees… They’re hurting each other, because they’re doing things that look like they hurt, and they do… Everybody was a mark for Benoit… You watch Benoit, Kurt Angle, and Edge all had neck injuries that were serious neck injuries… What did they do every match? German suplexes… 6, 7, 8, 9 German suplexes… You look at the move, regardless if it’s a work or not. You’re landing on your neck constantly. Constant stress on your neck that’s going to add up… you can’t do that… Alex (Wright) would do a German suplex to me one time, and it was a finish. ”

On how he believes modern wrestling has lost it’s way:

“Professional wrestling is predicated, and always has been… two guys wrestling/fighting each other. That’s the concept… so when everyone talks about psychology… If you do things that don’t look like something you would do in a fight, that’s bad psychology.  Because if you’re just taking a bunch of acrobatic maneuvers and acrobatic spots… and try to insert it into the concept of professional wrestling, which is supposed to be a fight, it just does not make sense… Now we have this younger generation of people that grew up, that didn’t watch that wrestling, when it was like a suspended disbelief and pretending two guys are in a fight, they’ve accepted this as professional wrestling. That it’s acrobatics, it’s spots, it’s a performance… and that’s kind of where wrestling’s lost it’s way… The shows now are just a bunch of critics that kind of just applaud the performance. They’re not emotionally invested…”

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