Braun Strowman recently spoke to Metro and discussed a number of topics. Among them were his relationship with Roman Reigns, Vince McMahon, his promos and more.

Below are some questions, along with Strowman’s answers:

How is your relationship with Roman Reigns?

Roman and I are very similar in a lot of aspects regarding our work ethic and outlook on life. That’s been one of the reasons why we have such great chemistry and been able to go and do the things that we do.

I fully trust Roman, he’s never once steered me astray or suggested anything stupid for me to do that would make himself look better. He’s a team player, he’s here to make the product better. A lot of guys get caught up in what everyone thinks about them instead of what everyone thinks about the match.

Braun Strowman vs. Kane - Winner Challenges for Universal Title at Royal Rumble: Raw, Dec. 11, 2017

How do you feel your interviews are progressing? Are you confident on the microphone?

They’ve done a really good job with keeping everything kinda short and sweet. I’m not nervous about having to go out there and do lengthy promos, but my character is more of a less talk more action kinda guy.

The shorter promos they have me do are effective because I back everything up that I say. I don’t say much, so it doesn’t take much to back it up. That’s been the whole thing, less talking and more action with Braun, and it’s seeming to work.

You must be a dream for someone like Vince McMahon? Tall, strong, agile and with a distinct look?

Vince is very keen on the larger than life human beings, especially because of the shock and awe value. Even before I was a WWE Superstar, when I walk into a room I don’t care who is in there, I take focal point. People stop what they’re doing to look at me when I walk in, and now they can put a name to it.

That’s been a huge factor in WWE since the beginning of the company. It’s a huge favour for me that I’m larger than life and having these genetics and the look that Vince likes.

But it’s more than a look, there’s a lot of guys that look big and tough but being able to put that into play in WWE is difficult.

They also discuss his future in the company, WWE 2K18 and more.

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