Current TNA World Heavyweight Champion was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated as a part of their “Extra Mustard” series. He spoke about a number of topics, including working with Donald Trump, returning to WWE and more.

Lashley has spent time in both TNA and WWE, and has made quite a name for himself in the world of professional wrestling. But there is one superstar that has alluded him throughout his career, and he wants the opportunity to face this person one-on-one.

“I want that fight with Brock Lesnar,” said Lashley. “I don’t care if it’s the ring, the cage, or in a street fight.”

“Brock is at one of the highest points in the business, so high that they’re trying to bring him down to make other stars. Brock brings legitimacy to the business, and he has Paul Heyman with him to do everything else he can’t do. I’m completely up for that fight.”

Without question, Donald Trump has said and done some very controversial things; not only in recent times, but also in the past. Lashley, who worked with Trump back in 2007 at WrestleMania, had nothing but positive things to say about the current President of the United States.

“I worked with him at WrestleMania, so when the media starts throwing all these accusations at him, I can tell you he was not racist,” said Lashley. “He made that WrestleMania so successful because he was great in his role as ‘The Donald.’ He had WWE on a big billboard in Times Square, he put us in different media outlets that we otherwise wouldn’t have been in, and he helped make that the largest WrestleMania in history. We need a leader who can make change, and he is the man.”

As with any superstar that achieves success in TNA, there is always rumblings amongst the wrestling community if they would ever return to WWE. What are Lashley’s feelings about his current position in the wrestling world?

“I’m really happy where I am,” said Lashley. “I’ve never been a politics guy in wrestling, I’m just someone who came out and worked. I’m a product of amateur wrestling, and there is no one there to help you with matches or win matches—you have to do it yourself. I love wrestling, and of course WWE is the main stage, but I’m happy to be with TNA. If the right scenario ever came up to return, then it’s a possibility, but I am extremely happy where I am right now.

Lashley also comments on MMA, the WWE hall of fame and more.

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