Jerry Lawler’s Twitter has existed since 2009, but apparently he hasn’t quite figured out to read things before he retweets them. It’s almost as if anything that mentions him can be retweeted, as he has had quite a bit of a retweet faux pas this weekend.

A fan retweeted what he called some “hilarious pro wrestling content,” mentioning Lawler, which he retweeted. What Lawler likely didn’t realize when he pushed that button was that the “content” consisted of a newspaper chronicling his sodomy and rape charges in 1993. The King was formerly indicted on charges of raping teenage girls ranging in age from thirteen to fifteen. The resulting firestorm from the retweet has seen fans alerting the legend of his mistake, which has still not seen the retweet pulled.

The court case in the rape case found Lawler ultimately acquitted after the alleged victim admitted to making up the story. However, the charges did some damage to his career at the point, seeing Shawn Michaels take over his match at Survivor Series 1993

While it is highly possible that Lawler legitimately didn’t know what the image contained and mindlessly retweeted it, it’s not necessarily the case. Given his acquittal and his legacy still intact, it is also possible that he was laughing alongside his fan at the headline which ultimately turned out to be a bogus case.

Jerry "The King" Lawler gets crowned by Ziggler on "King's Court": SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 17, 2017


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