Sabu is one of the greatest of the greats in ECW. He pretty much spent his career in the promotion, and is one of the hallmarks of it. If anyone knew the hardcore scene at its peak, it was him.

So when the ECW started going under, Sabu was there. And he has his own theory as to why it was ruined. He also explains his own lack of a push within the WWE as being the fact that he wasn’t much of a suck up.

He says that one thing that happened was that the WWE began to slowly change his character, then pushed him aside to get younger stars over. This was something that Sabu wouldn’t inherently mind–he knows how the business works.

What he attributes as the major sin that caused the ECW to suffer was the point where the WWE got the ECW Origials over, then used them to push the younger stars over. The few months of this was something that the fans didn’t buy into–it was poorly executed and didn’t allow for enough suspension of disbelief to woo them over. He goes further to state that this push actually ruined both the original stars and the ECW itself.


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