“WWE Extreme Rules 2014” left fans with many a memory as the show went off the air on Sunday night. The WWE Universe was captivated from start to finish as The Shield and Evolution clashed in an epic dream match, Bray Wyatt and John Cena duked it out inside a steel cage and Daniel Bryan defended the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for the first time at a pay-per-view/special event.

With that being said, here are the five biggest spots of the night, starting with an awesome spot from a match that had no business being as good as it was.



5. Los Matadores And El Torito Put Jinder Mahal Through Tables/Ladders

The ‘WeeLC’ match on the Pre-Show surprised many fans in attendance and on social media by being entertaining, physical and memorable in more ways than one.

In one of the bigger spots of the match, both members of Los Matadores held up 3MB member Jinder Mahal as El Torito drove all three men down through a bunch of tables and ladders that were stacked next to the ring.     



4. Kane Catches Daniel Bryan And Chokeslams Him Through Announce Table

Daniel Bryan nearly retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship after putting his opponent in the Yes Lock, but Kane managed to break free and head outside the ring after striking Bryan with a kendo stick.

The champion went for his Flying Goat suicide dive, but Kane caught him in mid-air and gave him a Chokeslam through the English announce table.

The top spot on this list followed shortly thereafter.



3. Daniel Bryan Delivers A Diving Headbutt From Top Of Forklift

Daniel Bryan nailed Kane in the head with a tire iron backstage, knocking him senseless.

He then placed the big man on a forklift and drove him back to the ring, dropping him from 10 feet high back over the top rope.

After leading the New Jersey fans in a “YES!!” chant, Bryan jumped off the forklift and delivered a flying headbutt to Kane, which only got the WWE World Heavyweight Champion a count of two.



2. Seth Rollins Leaps From Stands Onto Triple H, Randy Orton And Dean Ambrose

The Shield vs. Evolution match took to the fans as Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Triple H and Randy Orton brawled through the WWE Universe.

As Triple H and Orton double-teamed Ambrose, Rollins went high up in the balcony and leaped off with a cross body block onto his partner and two adversaries.

With all four men out of commission, Roman Reigns finished off Batista in the ring with a Superman Punch/Spear combo to win the match.



1. Daniel Bryan Puts Kane Through A Flaming Table

With Daniel Bryan down and out after being put through the announce table, “The Big Red Machine” Kane went under the ring to pull out another table. With gas can in hand, Kane proceeded to douse it, eventually lighting it on fire.

The two superstars battled it out on the apron as Bryan slung Kane off the ropes and through the table below.

A couple of ring workers were kneeling down ringside during the spot, so Kane wasn’t on fire for more than a few seconds. Their presence spoiled the spot, but it was still surprising to see in the PG Era.


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