Some controversial comments from a former TNA Knockouts Champion may ruin her chances of making it with World Wrestling Entertainment.

It was recently reported that Jessicka Havok had been taking part in tryouts at WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando.

When this news emerged, several fans found old tweets of hers from 2011 that were both homophobic and racist in nature.

She owned up to and eventually apologized for her remarks, although WWE officials were not happy at all that they were even made in the worst place, with Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio describing the situation as “the roof caving in” on Havok.

Former WWE Tag Team Champion and current TNA star Matt Hardy chimed in on Havok’s dilemma during a recent appearance on “Thoughts From the Throne.”

“If I’m being asked if Havok is guilty of being racist or homopohbic, absolutely not,” said Hardy. “Havok is guilty of posting some dumb sh-t on the internet. I think she jokingly posted things to her friends, and didn’t understand how broad of a spectrum it would reach. I don’t think she realized that when she sad these things jokingly one day she would offend someone with these derogatory slurs.”


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