Say goodbye to WWE superstar Brad Maddox, and say hello to …… Joshua Kingsley?

The man formally known as Brad Maddox debuted a new gimmick and name during a dark match prior to the “Smackdown” tapings in Portland on Tuesday.

With his hair bleached blonde, while decked out in what appear to be overalls or slacks, Kingsley announced himself to the WWE Universe before beginning his match with Zack Ryder – which he eventually lost.

Kingsley, 31, had recently been testing an entirely different gimmick at WWE Live Events, teaming with Adam Rose in a tag team known as “Beast Mode,” although it appears that character/tandem has been scrapped for the time being.

Under the Maddox name, the former FCW 15 Champion had a brief run on “Monday Night Raw” as the Assistant Raw Managing Supervisor to Vickie Guerrero.

Editor’s Note

There’s very little to go on with that photo. Maybe the gimmick is entertaining, maybe it’s not. There’s no way of knowing until he’s brought onto television. Maddox/Kingsley is a very charismatic fella, so here’s hoping this isn’t the final nail in his coffin before an inevitable release.


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