Gravity may have forgotten all about current NXT Champion Adrian Neville, but after a dazzling performance on the Sept. 8 edition of “Monday Night Raw,” the WWE Universe has him etched in their memories.

Neville was the focal point of an NXT “TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way” tag team match that included his three challengers for the gold on Sept. 11 in Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd. A Red Arrow from the top rope finished off Breeze, giving Neville and Zayn the victory in their television debut.


Throughout the bout, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Michael Cole made it a priority to hype up Neville and put him over to the viewing audience, making the NXT Champion look like a million bucks.

“There’s not enough superlatives to say about Adrian Neville. This kid is amazing. The man who defies gravity. Just wait until you see Adrian Neville.”

“In 20 years, I’ve never seen anything like him.”

The WWE announce team can help make or break a superstar at the drop of a dime. Since Neville and company were new faces to a majority of fans tuning in, it was important for JBL, Cole and even Lawler to elevate their standing and the NXT brand as a whole.

Neville was the biggest beneficiary of their kind words, emerging as the shining light of the bunch. He received the hot tag, executed the most offense and landed the finishing blow off the top rope in breathtaking fashion.


It’s no secret that Triple H, the man with the plan behind NXT, has high hopes for Neville. He’s been champion for 196+ days after winning the gold against Bo Dallas in a Ladder match at NXT “Arrival” on Feb. 27.

Triple H has given the 28-year-old Newcastle native every chance to be successful, putting him in a position to one day be a major player on the main roster. His high-octane style, lightening speed and vast array of aerial maneuvers always draw attention his way. The COO of WWE is aware of this fact and sees dollar signs in a man with the diversity between the ropes that Neville brings.

NXT “Takeover: Fatal 4-Way” could spell the end of his title run, though. In a match against three talented opponents who all have a legitimate claim to the belt, Neville could lose without being pinned or submitted.  That would help maintain momentum while also allowing someone else to take the ball and run with it.

Could this mean a call up to the big time for Neville?

It very well could. Neville has been down in developmental since the summer of 2012 when he originally signed his contract. He made his NXT debut against Sakamoto on Jan. 16, 2013 and has been a main attraction ever since.


You could make the argument that Neville should have been brought up a long time ago. After years of work on the independent circuit in both North America and overseas, Neville has a résumé that very few NXT stars can match. All he needed was some WWE seasoning to complete his transition to being a full-fledged sports entertainer.

While his work on the microphone leaves a lot to be desired, Neville has proven over the last year that he’s a force to be reckoned with and someone who shouldn’t be ignored.

His match on “Monday Night Raw” was the first step in making the common fan aware of all that Neville is capable of. It showcased his talents to those who haven’t put down $9.99 for the WWE Network, giving them even more incentive to sign up for a subscription.

Neville’s time will come. Heck, it could be just around the corner.


Chris Walder is a staff writer for He also covers the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association for both Bleacher Report and SB Nation. You can follow him on Twitter at @WalderSports26.


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