Former WWE Champion and United States Champion Jinder Mahal provided a major update to his in-ring return.

On Raw’s edition of the WWE Draft, Mahal was drafted to be exclusive to Monday Nights, along with R-Truth and Buddy Murphy. This is interesting that he was drafted over several active superstars, despite being on injured reserve.

In an exclusive interview with Headlock.DE to promote the WWE 2K20 game, Mahal stated that she should be returning to the ring in about two months. He explained that he had knee surgery three months ago, and is currently recovering.

Jinder Mahal on Winning the WWE Championship


Mahal also added that winning the WWE Championship after returning from being released “didn’t happen by accident.”

“It happened through a lot of hard work,” said Mahal. “A lot of effort, and a lot of consistency, a lot of determination, a lot of discipline. I had to completely change myself. Basically, when I went away from WWE, I had a feeling like I didn’t give it 100 percent effort, and I always thought, ‘okay, if I get another chance to come back to WWE, I’m gonna give it my all, I’m gonna work hard, and I’m gonna outwork everybody, and that’s exactly what I did.”

The “Modern-Day Maharajah” also gave the statistic that he was the fastest person to win the WWE Championship after returning from being released.

Jinder Mahal Wants to Compete for NXT — Has Very Interesting Goal

Mahal also stated that he has a goal of returning to the NXT brand and main-eventing a NXT TakeOver event. He loves the feel of the NXT crowd, and the atmosphere of the fans in attendance.

“[NXT TakeOver] is one of the most passionate wrestling events you can attend, in terms of the crowd reaction,” said Mahal. Since NXT is now on the USA network, Mahal does not look at NXT as a downgrade compared to if he was to leave Raw or SmackDown.

In two years, Mahal sees himself as a grand slam champion. which would require him to win the Intercontinental and Tag Team Championship. He would like his tag team title partner to be either Drew McIntyre or Cesaro.

Please credit any quotes used in this article to Chris Featherstone of Wrestling Rumors, via Headlock.DE.

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