Hundreds of times, Joey Styles howled, “Oh my God!” after Sabu displayed his daredevil top-rope moves.

Starting in 1993, Sabu has been impressing fans with his hardcore wrestling style. This Arabian high flyer is one of the innovators of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), and he will go down in history as perhaps the company’s most violent wrestler.

Throughout his time in ECW, he became known for using tables, specifically breaking them during every match. This tradition continued throughout his entire career with ECW.

As a younger wrestler, he would destroy a table with his own body after the bell rang, if he did not do so during the match.

Years later, at ECW One Night Stand 2006, he delivered a remarkable DDT to Rey Mysterio, smashing Rey’s head through a table.

Sabu is also associated with using barbed wire, another extreme tactic. At ECW’s event Born to be Wired, he went one-on-one with Terry Funk in a No-Rope Barbed-Wire match, where Sabu came out victorious.

When Sabu parted ways with ECW in 2000, he continued his career by competing in Juggalo Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling All Stars.

After two brief years, he signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) in 2002.

Despite taking time off because of different physicalities, he remained in the company for about four years, A severe back injury even sidelined him for ten months in December of 2002, but his time with TNA continued.

Sabu’s success reemerged when he became a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstar. He competed in several Extreme Rules matches through the ECW brand. In addition to this, he also competed at several pay-per-views during his two years with WWE.

Sabu WWE Hall of Fame

He was on the winning Team Cena at Survivor Series 2006, and he also picked up a win as part of The ECW Originals at WrestleMania 23.

In spring of 2007, he was released from his WWE contract.

He continued his career by competing in Mexico, as well as in the independent circuit.

2010 was the year of his short-lasted return to TNA, where he competed for five months.

Currently, the high-flyer still wrestles in the independent circuit, to which he returned in 2012.

Although he has reached greater heights in earlier times, Sabu’s legacy will always be remembered.

Whether it’s a chair shot to the head or suplex through a table, Sabu will be known as one of the most successful ECW wrestlers, and also one of the most hardcore competitors of all-time.


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