• The Rock Buys The XFL

    It keeps hanging on. One of the biggest running jokes about Vince McMahon is his history of failures outside of the wrestling business. At the top of the list is...

    NewsAugust 3, 2020
  • Vince McMahon Addresses XFL Rumors

  • More On Vince McMahon’s Possible XFL Plans

    He does know how to be the evil boss. Earlier this year, the XFL launched for the second time and then closed just a few months later. The company falling...

  • Vince McMahon May Be Trying The XFL Again

    Does this really surprise you? Vince McMahon is not exactly a normal person. While he is already filthy rich, like any businessman, he is always trying to make more money....

  • New Court Documents Over XFL Firing Lawsuit Surface

    It had been previously reported that former XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck sued Vince McMahon for wrongful termination after the league suddenly folded earlier this month. However, new court documents that...

    NewsMay 15, 2020
  • Vince McMahon Facing Lawsuit Over XFL

    You had to know something like this was coming. There have been a lot of stories going on in the WWE world as of late and that means there are...

  • XFL Files For Bankruptcy Following Cancelation of Season

    NewsApril 14, 2020
  • BREAKING: XFL Ceases Operations, Not Returning Next Year

    You mean, it was worse? The WWE has a long history of not exactly making anything work outside of the wrestling business. It might seem hard to believe, but a...

  • XFL Cancels Remainder of 2020 Season Due to Coronavirus

    The XFL announced yesterday that it was canceling the remainder of the 2020 season, due to the spread of the Coronavirus across the United States. They are following suit along...

    NewsMarch 13, 2020
  • Report: How Will The XFL Rules Be Different Than The NFL?

    As the 2019-20 NFL season comes to a close, fans will be clamoring for more football. They will get that, as the 2020 iteration of the XFL will be kicking...

    NewsJanuary 7, 2020