Thomas Hall

  • WWE Signs New Japanese Talent

    Asuka might have some competition. Japan has always been a hot spot for professional wrestling and there’s a chance that WWE has found its next Japanese star. With the success...

    NewsMarch 9, 2017
  • Wrestlemania I: Where it All Begins

    FeaturesMarch 9, 2017
  • KB’s Review: Reviewing the Review – Fastlane 2017

    This past weekend saw one of WWE’s worst received pay per views in a very long time. “Fastlane 2017” wasn’t just considered bad from a wrestling standpoint but absolutely horrible...

    BlogsMarch 8, 2017
  • First Match Set for “Takeover: Orlando”

    That’s one. It’s been nearly a year since Asuka won the NXT Women’s Title. Over that time, Asuka has completely dominated the division and had almost no serious challengers to...

    NewsMarch 8, 2017
  • NXT Results: Nakamura Back In Action

    NXT Date: March 8, 2017 Location: University Area CDC Gymnasium, Tampa, Florida Commentators: Percy Watson, Nigel McGuinness, Tom Phillips We’re on the road again and that means we’re getting closer...

    ResultsMarch 8, 2017
  • JR Talks Booking Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker

    He’s a fan! By the end of this week’s episode of “Monday Night Raw”, it was all but confirmed that Roman Reigns would be facing the Undertaker at “Wrestlemania XXXIII”....

    NewsMarch 8, 2017
  • Watch: Miz Says John Cena Stole Almost Everything

    VideosMarch 8, 2017
  • Big Show’s Time in the Ring May Be Ending Soon

    We might not have Big Show to kick around much longer. With the rumors of Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal for “Wrestlemania XXXIII” starting and stopping so frequently, Big Show...

    NewsMarch 8, 2017
  • Watch: AJ Styles Confronts Shane McMahon on “Talking Smack”

    Here it comes. A few months back, rumors began to circulate that AJ Styles would be facing Shane McMahon at “Wrestlemania XXXIII”. This might not have been the most popular...

    VideosMarch 8, 2017
  • Bray Wyatt’s WrestleMania 33 Opponent Confirmed

    Not exactly the biggest surprise. Over the last few weeks on “Smackdown Live”, Bray Wyatt’s “Wrestlemania XXXIII” opponent has been in question. First it was Randy Orton, then it was...

    NewsMarch 7, 2017