WWE taped the Jan. 15 edition of “WWE Main Event” and the Jan. 17 edition of “WWE Smackdown” on Tuesday Jan. 14 in Worcester, Mass.

The following are the spoilers for the Jan. 17 edition of “WWE Smackdown:”

The Miz joins JBL and Michael Cole for commentary.

1) The New Age Outlaws def. WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust- In this non-title match, the tide went back and forth for much of it. However, Vickie Guerrero interrupted during the match and began to talk about the Royal Rumble match being every man for himself, which led to Billy Gunn being able to take the advantage. He rolled up Cody Rhodes for the win.

Next, is a backstage segment between CM Punk and Renee Young. During the segment, Punk calls out all three members of The Shield.

Paul Heyman then comes out to a chorus of boos. While putting over Lesnar, he says Show would never touch Heyman due to Lesnar. He then goes on to announce that Lesnar will be on the Jan. 20 edition of “Monday Night Raw.” Big Show then comes out to cheers and chases Heyman out of the ring, leading Heyman to flee through the crowd. Show then says he will knock Lesnar out on Raw.

2) Rey Mysterio def. Alberto Del Rio- Eva Marie served as the ring announcer but her microphone went out about half way in. Mysterio began by cutting a promo, mentioning Batista, but Del Rio comes out and attacks him before the match starts. The match went back and forth with Del Rio targeting Mysterio’s knee. Mysterio would gain the victory after blocking a kick by Del Rio and rolling him up. After the match, Del Rio attacks Mysterio, beats him down, and holds in his cross armbreaker until referees break it up.

3) Naomi def. Tamina Snuka- Cameron and Divas Champion AJ Lee are ringside. The match was described as one with several botches and very sloppy. Cameron beat down AJ at ring side, and watched Naomi get the win after a springboard flip from the top rope.

Next up, is a recap of the main event of the previous edition of “Monday Night Raw.” The Wyatt Family then enters as “Daniel Bryan” chants pour down. Bray then cuts a promo talking about how he wanted to grow up to be like his father, but he was never good enough, so instead, he was cast out to walk with the sheep. He goes on by saying he was destined for greater things, and crawled out of the hole because Sister Abigail saved him. Continuing, he states that she even sang him sweet songs, which led to him being enthralled with her. Bray says he realized on Raw that he needed to sacrifice himself to be reborn and become what he wants to be. He closes by saying he gave Daniel Bryan a chance to walk with the reapers but he will now burn for his betrayal.

Another backstage segment between CM Punk and Renee Young. He calls out The Shield and the New Age Outlaws. When asked if it’s career suicide, he said it’s a gift for The Authority to do what it wants.

4) Big E Langston def. Fandango- The Bella Twins served as the ring announcers. Langston hit his “Big Ending” for the victory.

Promos then air for Batista and Ultimate Warrior.

The Shield are interviewed by Renee Young.

5) The Usos def. Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger- Aksana serves as the ring announcer. Zeb Colter is in a wheelchair after getting knocked out by Big Show on Raw. Colter then cut a promo before the match began. Even though The Usos’ ribs were bandaged after their cage match with Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt, they end up getting the victory.

CM Punk comes out to the loudest cheer of the night. He begins by saying that unlike The Authority, he is not a coward. He then goes after Triple H by saying WWE’s COO hides behind his wife. The Shield’s music hits, then the New Age Outlaws walk down the ramp. The five surround the ring, but then Kane comes out. He tells everyone to stand down for now. Kane tells Punk his anger is misplaced and that The Authority wants him to main event WrestleMania. Kane then notifies Punk his new directive is for him to get the respect he deserves. Kane begins to leave but Punk then calls him back then insults him. Kane then says, “Get ’em, boys.” Punk is beat down, then chokeslammed by Kane to end the show.

Credit to DailyWrestlingNews.com for the spoilers




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