Long-time ECW star Sabu recently spoke with Wrestle Talk TV, a British talk show on professional wrestling. The journeyman spoke about a plethora of topics during his time on the show. One of which involved the potential of Sabu receiving an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame at some point down the road.

However, the ECW Original said he would not want the honor. Sabu explained:

“No. I care nothing about the WWE Hall of Fame, but I would like to be inducted to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. They have one in Iowa, and they have one in Amsterdam, New York. Either one of those, or both, would mean a lot more.”

Continuing, Sabu talked about his belief that WWE uses the WWE Hall of Fame as a “moneymaker:”

“The WWE Hall of Fame, to me, is just a moneymaker for WWE. It’s not to honor wrestlers. It’s to make a payday for the company. Like a baseball hall of fame, they put in the best players and coaches. They don’t put in someone who sang the national anthem, or someone who did one appearance. They don’t do that. The WWE Hall of Fame is the most fake hall of fame I’ve ever heard of.”

Watch Sabu’s comments below:


Editor’s Note

To Sabu’s credit, he’s not really wrong. 


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