Brodus Clay, who was part of the 11 personnel that WWE released on Thursday, June 12, recently appeared on The Roman ShowDuring his appearance, Clay talked about a number of topics such as what’s in store for him, who he enjoyed to work with in WWE, John Cena outside of the ring, among many others.

Clay talked about working with John Cena, and how Cena helps others in WWE:

“He is a pro. He comes to work everyday. He is straight forward and tells you exactly what it is. One of my things was I didn’t get to work a match with him. I would have dropped the weight I did and keep the muscle I have. He is a great leader in terms of he talks it; he walks it. He is the face of the WWE and likely so.”

“He [Cena] gave us all an opportunity to train and have the same training regiment. The training of the NBA and NFL with Olympic lifts for maintenance, for power, better cardiovascular. He was on the forefront. He gave guys an opportunity.”

“The Funkasaurus” was also asked who in WWE he enjoyed working with the most:

“Heath Slater. I think I wrestled with him 1,000 times, CM Punk, Jack Swagger, Edge, The Usos, Damien Sandow. I enjoyed my time. I had the most fun with Heath Slater.”

Listen to the entire interview below:

Editor’s Note

Actually smiled at the Heath Slater “1,000 times” comment.


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