On Tuesday, April 7, WWE taped the April 9 edition of “Smackdown” in Dallas, Texas.

Below are the spoilers for the April 9 “Smackdown:”

“Smackdown” opened with Daniel Bryan, who will team with Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler to face Sheamus, Big Show, and Bad News Barrett in the show’s main event. The Intercontinental Champion began by discussing what transpired last week on “Smackdown,” only to be interrupted by Barrett and Sheamus. The two were looking to get an early attack in on Bryan, but Dolph Ziggler ran out to make the save. Big Show then entered, attacking Ziggler, but Roman Reigns saved Ziggler by clearing the ring.

1) WWE Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya) def. The New Day in a non-title match- Once again, The New Day did not generate much positive fan reaction from the crowd. During its pre-match promo, the Dallas crowd chanted, “New Day sucks.” In a quick back-and-forth match, the tag team titleholders bested The New Day.

2) Neville def. Curtis Axel- Axel, still running wild with “Axelmania,” entered to a solid pop. Though, Neville generated a louder fan response, and picked up a win with his “Red Arrow.”

3) Natalya def. Alicia Fox- For the match, Cameron served as the special guest referee, after the three Divas had a backstage run-in leading up to the bout. Following the match, Cameron took out the two combatants.

4) Bray Wyatt def. Erick Rowan- Before the match, Wyatt cut another cryptic promo hinting towards his next target. Wyatt defeated his former Wyatt Family member in easy fashion.

Next, MizTv aired with its host, The Miz. To promote “The Marine 4,” Miz was joined by co-star Summer Rae. Miz demanded an apology from his former partner Damien Mizdow, but would not get one. Instead, Mizdow took down Miz, and proceeded to kiss Summer Rae.

5) Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Roman Reigns def. Sheamus, Bad News Barrett, and Big Show- The heel team controlled most of the match, with the babyfaces getting the upper-hand at the end. The tide changed when Reigns entered off of a hot tag. With his teammates taking care of Sheamus and Show, Reigns was able to deliver a spear to Barrett for the victory.



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