During the latest episode of the WWE Network show Bring it to the Table, JBL talked about the feud between Randy Orton and most of the independent scene. He also gave his opinion on why he thinks wrestlers do so many dives in their matches.

“Guys do dives because they don’t know how to work,” said JBL. “Guys do flips because they don’t know how to work. I watch these guys do tryouts every single week at WWE, I sit out there at the announcer desk and watch these guys come in. You have so few guys who even know how to lock up, how to put a headlock on properly. All they do is get a headlock because they want to go on to the next move – they want to do some silly, stupid dive. They want to get the crowd chanting “Holy S***!” You want to talk about matches that matter? Randy Orton can go out there, John Cena can go out there, AJ Styles can go out there and put together matches that matter and don’t have to silly dives because they don’t know how to work.

“You can watch a three hour NFL game, you can watch a three hour NBA game – you can’t watch three hours of highlights, okay? And this Will Ospreay? Look, that match was fantastic. Can they put a hundred thousand people in Cowboys Stadium? Can they put two million people, or approaching two million people on the WWE Network? I’m not sure they can. And most of these indie guys, I’m not making fun of guys working hard. I’m making fun of guys for working stupid. Because I think they’re doing stuff like that to compensate for the fact they have not had the ability to learn how to work. And I think it hurts the business. You watch these matches. I watch these matches every night sitting at ringside. You watch some of these guys – on our roster – who do flip after flip after flip, dive after dive after dive. There’s nothing there! You let somebody get out there and put a masterpiece together like Cena and AJ Styles does? The place is rocking.”

JBL gets hot about "cry baby" internet fans' opinions of Roman Reigns (WWE Network Exclusive)

Do you agree with JBL here? Or do you think that he’s behind the times? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook!


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