Next week’s Raw will finally provide some answers regarding the Kurt Angle mystery storyline. The show will take place in Nashville, Tennessee, which is the hometown of former TNA President Dixie Carter, and some are predicting that Angle’s former boss will end up being part of his big secret.

The speculation began when WWE announced that Dixie Carter would be a part of the WWE 24: Kurt Angle documentary on their Network.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Dixie was asked about a possible Raw appearance on Monday, and you can check out her response below.

“I did hear Raw will be in Nashville, which is very interesting,” said Carter. “But I wouldn’t tell you either way.”

If it doesn’t end up being Dixie Carter, then chances are that it’ll end up being Stephanie McMahon, which will lead to a match between Angle and Triple H at this year’s SummerSlam. If it ends up being Dixie, then WWE really has nowhere to go, as they won’t get an interesting match out of that scenario. Sure, Triple H vs. Angle is something that we’ve seen before, but it’s been so long that it’ll seem fairly new, and it’ll probably be a lot better than most of the matches that will be on this year’s SummerSlam card. So, my prediction is that it’ll end up being Stephanie McMahon.

Kurt Angle opens up about his WWE departure (WWE Network Exclusive)

Do you think the Kurt Angle mystery storyline will lead to Dixie Carter’s WWE debut? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook!


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