WWE Not Expected to Renew CM Punk’s Contract in July


WWE is not expected to renew CM Punk’s contract in July. After recent information regarding WWE’s ability to extend contracts without having superstars sign a new deal hit the web, some wondered if the company would extend Punk’s contract once it is up near the end of the month. However, it seems as if WWE will cut ties with the former champion, and Punk will be able to find work anywhere else he wants to using the moniker “CM Punk.”

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter via F4Wonline.com reports that the evidence of WWE’s plan to not renew Punk’s current deal lies within the announcement regarding Punk that was made previously on WrestlingRumors.net. Punk will serve as a red carpet host for the Gibson Brands AP Music Awards on July 21. The show takes place at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and will air on AXS TV.

The report claims that if WWE was going to renew Punk’s contract, he wouldn’t be allowed to host the show, especially under the name “CM Punk.” Punk has laid low due to the situation he is in with WWE, rarely appearing on television, especially regarding WWE TV, which he has not appeared on since the 2014 “Royal Rumble.” The company kept Punk from appearing at Wizard World Comic Con events, even though he was the most requested talent they have.

Punk’s current contract is set to expire just a few days before the Gibson Brands AP Music Awards takes place, which is why he will be able to gladly host the event’s red carpet ceremony as CM Punk. While multiple reports, and even a quote from Punk himself, have claimed that the former champion now considers himself retired, many fans have not wanted to believe that news.

Fans have been waiting for the company to acknowledge the employment status of CM Punk, even more so than they have. Stephanie McMahon and Paul Heyman have stated that Punk quit on WWE television. Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho have claimed the same thing during interviews. The return of Punk’s new wife, Divas Champion AJ Lee, has sparked the recent “will Punk return” fan response. However, it should be noted that Punk is happy no longer wrestling, per his fiends, and that he is not expected to return to the company.

Editor’s Note:
Just one more week. Just one more week until WWE FINALLY says whether or not Punk is OFFICIALLY gone or not. Then all of this will be behind us.


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