WWE Creative Under Impression CM Punk Left WWE Due to Concussion


PWInsider recently published a report stating that WWE creative was told that CM Punk left WWE due to a concussion, rather than being fed up with the company. The website reports that Punk did indeed pass an ImPACT on the day of his departure. However, Punk was heavily banged up from the 30-man Royal Rumble match, which saw him last over over 49 minutes, the most by any superstar.

During a recent WWE creative meeting over the weekend, WWE creative team members were told that Punk went home because “he got his bell rung,” presumably in the Royal Rumble match. Now, within WWE, the belief that Punk walked out due to his injury, rather than compensation, status, his presumed WrestleMania match Triple H, and all the other rumors that have surfaced, is present. It’s possible that the belief has been passed down by Triple H or Vince McMahon, according to PWInsider.

Additionally, the website states that many people within WWE are in the dark regarding any kind of talks occurring between Punk and McMahon. Although, the feeling is that McMahon is under the impression that Punk left WWE due to his injury.

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