Vince McMahon is Not Happy With the Way the Top WWE Storyline is Going


WWE CEO Vince McMahon is not happy with the way the top WWE storyline is going. The biggest program at the moment, which involves his daughter Stephanie McMahon and Son-in-Law Triple H, is not going the way the “boss” wants it too.

McMahon is said to be the most uphappy with the way the characters of Stephanie and Triple H have been coming off on TV, where one minute their pulling heel moves, and the next a face move. One source, reported by, said that McMahon hated the response Triple H received Monday night on RAW when he arrived and came to ringside, as it was more of a pop than a heated response.

One source notes that McMahon feels as if Triple H and Stephanie appear confused each week during the angles on television, just like how most of the WWE Universe look and are responding to the program. That source claimed that the reason the two continue to flip-flop with their characters is due to the week-by-week writing of the angle and the constant changes to final scripts before, and sometimes after cameras are rolling.


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