Video: Scott Hall Challenges “Marks” to Play Him in WWE 2K14


A new edition of DDP TV has been released, where former WWE, WCW, and TNA superstar Scott Hall challenges “marks” to play him in WWE 2K14. Hall, who has “owned his life” through sobriety and the help of the DDP Yoga team and accountability crib, begins the video by challenging Diamond Dallas Page to a match in the new WWE video game first.

DDP pridefully accepts the challenge, however his positive energy begins to fade when he realizes that he is not a playable character in the game. After Hall tells him, “you can play as Randy Orton. He has a cool finish,” DDP gets back into the game. This is obviously a nice rib at the RKO by Orton, which was formally DDP’s finish, the Diamond Cutter.

Page loses to Hall, and then gives the controller over to Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Roberts doesn’t get very far in a Ladder Match with Hall before giving up the game as well. Hall then challenges all the “marks worldwide” to “come get some,” though he does not reveal his Xbox Live account name. You can watch the humorous encounter below.

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