Sting May Be Going to the WWE After All

0 is reporting that TNA Hall of Famer and Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting may be going to the WWE after all. Rumors of Sting, real name Steve Borden, heading to the WWE’s main roster have existed for years, but have never come true. However, sources are saying that WWE officials are confident that the “Man called Sting” will sign a WWE contract very soon.

WWE recently ran a video package on Monday Night Raw highlighting Sting’s reign as World Heavyweight Champion (back when the belt was recognized in NWA/WCW), and it is now being said that the company did so with a purpose in mind. The WWE wants to keep Sting fresh in the minds of the WWE Universe for when “the Icon” officially makes a WWE debut.

Sting still has six months remaining on his TNA contract, and cannot leave the company until then, but rumor has it that Sting himself is the one that is again showing interest in joining the WWE. While he hasn’t made any direct negotiations with the company for obvious reasons, Sting has gone “around the system” to feel out the WWE and see if they have any interest in him. WWE officials are confident that they could sign Sting as early as 2014.


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