Ric Flair Has Signed a New Contract With WWE


Ric Flair has signed a new contract with WWE. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Flair and WWE have come to terms on a new deal, and all of his future appearances while under contract with the company will have to be cleared by the WWE office.

Flair and World Wrestling Entertainment joining forces again changes how “The Nature Boy” will make special appearances and take non-WWE related promotional gigs. Being under the thumb of WWE, Flair will not be able to agree to certain offers that he may have been quick to jump on just a few short months ago.

According to this report, “The Nature Boy” can be booked apart from WWE, but the company is insisting on a clause being attached to each deal that says that if they call and request him for anything, then Flair will have to make the WWE appearance and reschedule (or cancel) the one made outside of the company.

A situation such as this recently happened. Flair was booked to appear at a race in Georgia, but the WWE brass called and Flair canceled his scheduled appearance to do the WWE gig. Under his new contract, it could pose dangerous for promoters to book Flair for appearances. If the WWE needs him and pulls him out, the promoter that had booked him (who would have provided transportation, hotel accommodations, a hefty appearance fee, etc.) could be stuck with a devastating debt to cover.

WWE executives, especially Triple H, wanted to sign Flair to a PR contract just before his son Reid died in the Summer of 2013. Following the tragic loss of his son, Flair then appeared as part of the now infamous “WWE 2K14 Panel” inebriated, and the talks of having Flair work WWE PR came to a screeching halt.

World Wrestling Entertainment then started easing their way back into a relationship with the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, booking him to appear on WWE TV and having him fly out to give the San Francisco 49ers a pre-game “pep-talk” during the most recent NFL playoffs.


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