Report: Summer Rae Will Return Very Soon and Feud with Layla


Summer Rae will return very soon and feud with Layla. Summer Rae, the former valet and Reality Show “love interest” of Fandango, has been off of WWE television over recent weeks due to her participation in the shooting of WWE Films’, “The Marine 4.” However, filming has completed, and Summer Rae is about to come back to work.

Prior to heading off to shoot the movie, Fandango “broke up” with his dance partner Summer Rae via Twitter. This was the company’s way of explaining her extended absence from TV. They replaced Summer Rae with Layla, who has been getting very physical with Fandango as of late, and has been taunting Summer Rae on Twitter.



This will undoubtably lead to a feud between the two Divas once Summer Rae returns, possibly starting with a match at WWE “Payback” on June 1. Summer Rae’s “Marine 4” filming partner, The Miz, is also done filming for the movie and is being advertised for upcoming WWE Live Events. Summer Rae could return before WWE’s tour of Europe this week, but she is more likely to return to WWE TV on May 26 when the company returns from overseas.

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