Reason Behind the Firing of “RAW’s” Head Writer


The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has provided an insider look at the reason behind the firing of “RAW’s” Head Writer, Jay Gibson. As previously reported, Gibson was one of the many WWE employees released recently. However, WWE CEO Vince McMahon made the decision to fire Gibson based off performance, while the other releases, in terms of talent, were said to have been made due to budgetary purposes.

According to the report, there should not be a major change in the direction of WWE television, as McMahon has had the final say on everything making it to TV anyway. McMahon’s influence on WWE TV was said to be very apparent during the June 16 edition of “Monday Night Raw,” as the segment that saw Stephanie McMahon vomit on Vickie Guerrero was said to be one that he came up with.

While McMahon enjoys this sort of campy entertainment, Triple H was reportedly against the segment. Triple H would like to see WWE programming become more wrestling based, where stories would be told in the ring, than entertainment-based. Currently, there are more backstage segments and in-ring promos than matches, which Triple H feels can be a little much at times. Stories can be told through matches and in-ring confrontation, and Triple H would love to push the product more in that direction.

The report also mentions that Gibson’s tenure as Head Writer for “RAW” was a mere five months. Although labeled “Head Writer,” Gibson’s actual role saw him managing the other writers, not writing himself.  According to sources within the company, Gibson knew very little about the product, history, and what works well in professional wrestling. His opinions would be looked down on at times because of this fact.

Editor’s Note:
Wow. Five months, eh? Such a turnover in that office.


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