Daniel Bryan May Not Appear on WWE Television Until “Extreme Rules”


A new report from PWInsider.com claims that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan may not appear on WWE television until “Extreme Rules.” The report claims that Bryan’s recent appearance on “Monday Night Raw,” in which he was brutally attacked by Kane came off so well, that if he needs to stay off of TV until May 4, he can.

As we previously reported, Bryan’s father recently passed away while Bryan and wife Brie Bella were on their honeymoon. After having just received that news, Bryan told WWE officials that he still wanted to appear on the April 21 edition of “Monday Night Raw,” at least to set up and angle with Kane for their match at “Extreme Rules.”

Kane would give Bryan three Tombstone Piledrivers and send Bryan out of the arena on a “stretcher” to a “nearby medical facility.” WWE creative used the attack to write Bryan off of programming for the time being so that he can spend time with his family during their difficult time of loss.

While Bryan could choose to come back to work as early as April 28, his absence would play up to his “underdog” character perfectly and WWE officials may keep him off TV just to make his appearance at “Extreme Rules” seem that much more rewarding.

Editor’s Note:
I said it on Wrestling Rumors Radio a couple of days ago. Bryan should be kept off TV until “Extreme Rules.” Give his ample amounts of time to spend with his family, and it plays up to the “Hero” vs “Monster” storyline. Bryan must overcome injury and disadvantages in height, weight, strength in order to defeat the Big Red Machine. Same theory is why the stretcher spot in the main event of WrestleMania XXX worked.


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