Changes that Were Made to the Script For “Monday Night Raw”


The latest edition of “Wrestling Observer Radio,” which is featured on, saw Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discuss changes that were made to the script for “Monday Night Raw.” Apparently, the episode that aired live on May 5 saw multiple last minute modifications backstage before the cameras turned on.

The May 5 edition of “RAW” was originally slated to see WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan and Batista begin a program that would take them to a match at “Payback” on June 1. However, Batista refused to work with Bryan and plans were then changed to have Bryan and Kane continue their feud which will likely end with a Buried Alive Match at “Payback.”

Following The Shield and Evolution’s battle at WWE “Extreme Rules,” Batista was then talked into sticking around until June 1. He will then leave for a short time to promote his new movie “Guardians of the Galaxy,” which will be released in August. One of the proposed matches for the May 5 “RAW” was a Singles Match between Roman Reigns and Batista, who were the last two in the ring during the Six-Man Tag Team Match between the two factions at “Extreme Rules.” Reigns pinned Batista for the win following a vicious spear, leaving room for a program to build there.

However, WWE Creative would really like to build towards Triple H vs. Roman Reigns, which will likely take place at WWE “SummerSlam” in August, so the match between Batista and Reigns was scrapped for “Monday Night Raw.” One match that did get solidified for the program was the Wyatt Family vs. The Shield.

Although Evolution would wind up interrupting the bout near the finish, causing Reigns to be pinned by Wyatt, the originally script once this bout was booked saw Evolution sitting at ringside during the match as “special time keepers.” This was changed so that their inevitable interference would not be so obvious to the fans prior to the match beginning.

Editor’s Note:
Yes. The scripts are CONSTANTLY changing. They literally change it up until and DURING the show. I thought this was common knowledge, isn’t it? Nonetheless, interesting to see that two Singles Batista matches were scrapped and he only appeared with Evolution at the end of the show.


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