Ryback Possibly Released From WWE


Has Ryback been released from World Wrestling Entertainment, or is he merely “trolling” the internet?

As we previously reported, WWE Superstar Ryback found a great deal of backstage on himself for his role in Dolph Ziggler’s most recent concussion.¬†During a recent taping of “WWE Superstars,” Ziggler suffered a concussion after taking a clothesline from Ryback. While at first, it was believed that Ziggler’s concussion was severe, his symptoms have been greatly improving over the past couple of days, according to a report by WWE with its company physician, Dr. Amann.

It appears that Ryback’s heat among WWE officials and talent along with his social media presence may have cost him his job. On Saturday Jan. 11, Ryback had a series of controversial tweets about a number of controversial topics involving himself such as Ziggler’s concussion, his botches on Tensai and Heyman, and some others.

His tweets, which have since been deleted, can be seen here:

Ryback 1


Ryback 2


Ryback 3


Ryback 4

Ryback 5

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