Batista Says He Wants More Creative Control When He Returns


During part two of his appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Batista says he wants more creative control when he returns to WWE. The former WWE Champion, who left the company in June to promote his film, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” has been back and forth on whether or not he’ll be back in WWE in 2014. While he does believe he will not be back until 2015, he does “love and miss” working in the ring and will be back.

While speaking to Jericho, Batista discusses his love for the business. When talking about working WWE’s sometimes hectic travel schedule, “The Animal” claims he doesn’t understand the talent that say they only want to work TV shows and not house shows since, “that’s the good stuff.” He claims the house shows are when superstars are able to have the most fun.

Batista says he does want to return to WWE and hopes that it happens. He also talks about missing it and that he wants more creative control upon his return. Many have criticized WWE’s creative team as of late, and Batista is just the next in line, saying,

“I miss it and I love it. They need to work with me on creative stuff, man. I’d like to have more creative control, because some of this stuff… it’s like they argue with you just to argue with you when they know that this is the route we should be going. Then we end up going that route anyway, but it’s usually like three weeks too late.”

Batista signed a two-year deal in January of 2014 and only worked five months of that contract before leaving to promote “Guardians of the Galaxy.” While he was initially believed to be returning for “SummerSlam” and “Night of Champions,” Batista may not return to WWE until 2015, where he hopes to have one last match with Triple H at WrestleMania.

“The Animal” has been vocal about his discrepancies with WWE creative lately, especially about how the main event of WrestleMania XXX went down. Let’s see if he gets a little more creative freedom upon his return.

Editor’s Note:
Sounds like even Batista thinks WWE Creative has no idea what the fans want. He’d be right.


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